Wichswut EP out Febuary 17



Collaboration with Eskil Simonsson tbc


Depeche Mode


DVD Singles Collection


Drawings: Mark Gross, Kerstin Kary


Art direction: Matt Cook/ intro UK out November 18




Painting, Massey University, Wellington


Fine Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand


Costume & Fashion Design, University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg




2017/10 all you pretty gigs, Retramp Gallery, Berlin


2017-03/06 Mixtape #1, Side B, Heartbreak, Cuore di Vetro, Berlin


2016-12 IB16, group show, painting, Tête, Berlin


2016-03-02 all you pretty gigs, DNA#7, Musik & Frieden, Berlin


2015-09-26 all you pretty gigs, Mitt Möllan, Malmö


2014-08/09 Nachtgestalten, Firma Berlin, Berlin


2014-05/06 Tanz den Untergang mit mir, Kaleidoskop (group show), Berlin


2014-02/04 Mixtape #1, Side A, Love songs, Cuore di Vetro, Berlin


2013-03 Salon de Printemps, Mastul (group show), Berlin


2012-02/02 Black it out, Ripple Effect Exhibition (group show), New Haven


2011-12/2012-01 I shot them, Hop Galerii, Tallinn


2010-03/04 Alo Alo, Olive Cafe (group show), Wellington


2010-02/04 Head Hunter, Willis York, Wellington


2009-11 At Large, Newtown Fence Project, Wellington


2009-10 Death of a disco dancer, Viva la final painting, Print Factory (group show), Wellington


2008-10/11 Crowds, Massey University, Wellington